Middle Creek

Today, though, we went to Middle Creek. We saw monarch butterflies and lots of yellowish mushrooms and raccoon prints in the mud. We walked by Seglock Run, which passes through Middle Creek, and saw the tiny trout it’s known for.

I took some pictures:

Yellow flowers

More of the Middle creek flowers

These are some pretty yellow flowers that were growing on the hill.

More of the view at middle Creek


Middle Creek view

And these are some views from on the hill.

It was a pleasant excursion for the morning if  a little muggy.

The Zartman Mill Eccentric


The Wolf Sanctuary in PA

A few days ago we went on a trip to the PA Wolf Sanctuary. We hear the wolves from our house quite often, so we decided to go there and meet them!

Here are my favorite ones:




and Destiny.

They are hybrid wolves, Destiny is part Malamute and Chipper is part Husky.

It was a very informative, fascinating trip, as well as fun and rather neat. I would recommend going if you want to learn a lot about wolves and see them up close. There are quite the characters there if you want to witness some wolf personalities and hear all their unique stories.

Here is the Wolf Sanctuary website: http://wolfsanctuarypa.org/. They have some information about wolf behavior in general and about all the wolves that are there.

The Zartman Mill Eccentric

Miss Sheetz

Today I am going to post about Miss Sheetz, our neighbor’s cat that has been showing up almost every day. When she knows we’re home, she trots over as fast as she can to say hello. When our gate was closed, she would just scale the fence. She has silent meows and when she falls asleep, if you walk up to her she wakes up and runs over to you and gives you a rub and a mute attempt to meow. She is called Sheetz because our neighbors have a cat rescue and she was found for them at Sheetz. They couldn’t sell her for the rescue because she is too old. She is 16. Here she is in all her Sheetzy glory:


Miss Sheetz


Sheetzy cat

And this is where she likes to sleep:

More Sheetz

Lately she’s been found in the coleus garden or in the tomato plants.

She is very sweet and affectionate and really loves us; and we like her. She is always welcome and she’s really cute! She’s only a little larger then a kitten. She’s quite a charming, good little cat and she even found her way into Finny’s heart; I think they have a little cat romance going on 😉

The Zartman Mill Eccentric