Our House

I am going to post some pictures from where we live. We just moved and I am really excited to share it! It is a very cool, interesting domain and is worth mentioning.

I will begin with some views:


This is the view at the back of the house facing up, towards the cornfield.

Side deck view

This is the view from our side deck.

Now I will show some of the plants I planted in the garden.


These are my marigolds.

And this is my hibiscus:


Toad Lily

Now this is one of the toad lilies close up.


And this is a little chipmunk that liked to hang out with us on the back deck when we first moved in. I haven’t seen him in a while. And last but not least, I need to show this:


I can certifiably say that this is the funniest picture in the world that came from our own camera.

I will conclude with showing some pictures of our cats. Granted they were taken at the old house, except one, but they’re nice photos.


This is Clover, and the one picture that was taken at our new place. It shows off our newly planked wall.



More of Clover; these pictures show off our old floor. It was the one regret about moving; that floor was neat.



These are more pictures of Finny; our big buddy boy.

And that’s that!

Hope you liked it! a lot of interesting things happen around here!

Keep watch for my next post; I’m going to….drumroll… introduce a new cat! I won’t say anything else; I’ll just leave you in suspense about what a ‘different cat’ would mean!

Zartman Mill Eccentric


In the Beginning

This will be a short little introductory post about the blog and who I am and why I called myself the Zartman Mill Eccentric. I wrote a bit about myself in the about page. I enjoy the outdoors, I like studying the American Revolution and Civil War, I do some crafts and most of all I love music.

I called myself the Zartman Mill Eccentric because I am an introverted, pensive, humorously philosophical, music creating-based loon with a silly sense of humor.

I intend, with this blog, to post funny things about antics in and around my home, as well as maybe posting a few little things about interesting things I’ve learned. I will also log information about craft selling. I would most importantly like to, in time, start posting sound files of albums and recordings.

Hope you enjoy!

The Zartman Mill Eccentric, or Musicomania